Swiss Silk is a specialty company that does more than produce scarves and neckties. We aim to provide a full understanding of original design, textile printing and product development. Our goal is to assure you that your custom silk necktie and scarf will elevate your organization, enhance your brand and reflect your personal style and taste. So here are answers to our most commonly asked questions:

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Please inquire about your unique project. Minimum requirements are determined by the fabric yardage and the size of the finished product. For example:


Custom 90cm silk scarves
150 minimum for silkscreen printing

Custom 90cm silk scarves
50 minimum for digital printing

Custom silk neckties
150 minimum for silkscreen printing


What is the turnaround time?

Because we pay close attention to detail and provide a personal touch, from design research to main production, a typical project timeline is eight to twelve weeks. The greatest variables are decisions for design and project considerations. Of course, time is a luxury. Allowing adequate time results in the best outcomes.

Can I submit my own designs?

Our business is based on the idea that we will create custom artwork for each client. However, we do occasionally print client-provided artwork. If this is your preference, we also welcome your inquiry.

What fabric options do you offer?

We offer 100% silk and silk blends. Weaves include twill, crêpe de Chine, chiffon and jacquard, to name a few. Please inquire for more information.

What printing methods do you offer?

Traditionally, we use an engraved silkscreen process. We are also experienced in the newest digital printing processes.

What is the cost of producing my custom order?

Exact prices for our quality products depend on many factors, including the size of the finished piece, the weight of the silk fabric, the intricacy of the design, the number of colors to be printed and the quantity of finished products. Please inquire with the details of your project and your desired end result for a more specific cost estimate.

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