Make A Memorable Occasion Meaningful


“Success is the sum of details” - Harvey S. Firestone

Creating a memorable or rewarding experience is like creating a great design; synergy occurs when all elements coalesce and become something magical. Often, the tipping point ushering the project from merely excellent to truly extraordinary is triggered with the introduction of one small detail.

Patrick Knowles

The founder and president of Patrick Knowles Designs – an award-winning interior design firm based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Patrick creates one-of-a-kind interiors for private superyachts, planes and residences to a discriminating global clientele.

It was a client’s search for such a detail that led renowned yacht interior designer, Patrick Knowles and Swiss Silk Company to collaborate. The client, a superyacht owner, had hired Knowles as interior architect and was looking for that special final touch; an elegant personal gift to give to visitors of the yacht to make a memorable cruise experience meaningful, and doubling as an accessory for the yacht crew. Upon discussion, the client and his purser agreed; a custom silk scarf and tie commemorating the yacht experience would be the perfect solution.


The development of such a piece requires considerable mastery of the art of collaboration as well as design – especially when two accomplished designers work together. Every stage of the production, from concept to delivery, requires meticulous care and exquisite attention to detail. In this case, the scarf and necktie needed to reflect a very specific vision, carefully incorporating key elements of the yacht design, name, and color palette in concert with the wishes of the owner.

PKD motor yacht ISA63M © Patrick Knowles Design

ISA63M © Patrick Knowles Design

The end result is a unique piece capable of taking a special experience and making it superlative, transcending the realm of design to become part of the superyacht experience. More than a souvenir, the scarf invites visitors to share their memorable and meaningful experience, in addition to serving a useful purpose on board and on deck, sparking conversation and fond memories on land or high seas for years to come.

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