Donor Gifts that delight, surprise, communicate and motivate​​​​​​​


In any cherished museum sits the very supporting structure that allows the museum to stand: its donors. The generous donations of philanthropists, art enthusiasts and community supporters allow even the most well-endowed museums to continue to remain relevant, present, and a vital part of our culture.

As a fundraising director, you work carefully with loyal donors to keep our museums vibrant and trafficked. Ideally, appreciated donors continue their contributions year after year. There is innate prestige that goes along with donating to cultural institutions at particular giving levels, serving as its own accolade and incentive for donors. It is essential is recognize their generous contributions. At great way to do this is with a personalized memento that your donors can prize and enjoy wearing.

"supporters not only raise funds for the museum, they also serve as brand ambassadors"

One incentive for contributing to a cultural institution is outward support of the arts. These supporters not only raise funds for the museum, they also serve as brand ambassadors. This means that there is an opportunity for your donors to be a legitimate walking, talking team of marketing enthusiasts.

Milwaukee Art Museum: the design is based on the open wings of the Iconic calatrava

This allows the opportunity to create a special gift that not only shows gratitude for the generous donations of your donors, but taps into the possibility of a branding opportunity. By giving donors a custom designed gift, you can subtly promote your institution while also starting a conversation on behalf of your donor. The design can celebrate the institution, applaud the donors, and allow for additional marketing and promotion through recognition.

Each new design (or reprint) showcases the unique aspects of the museum and its various collections. First-time givers can transition into yearly donors when shown appreciation - given a remarkable gift that cannot be purchased. Show gratitude at the reasonable cost of a beautifully designed and produced silk scarf or necktie and allow your museum and its donors to shine.

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