How to Say… Thank You.


A gift that celebrates and commemorates is best —

Are donors acknowledged with gifts they don’t really want? A custom, exclusive gift changes all of that.  A custom, exclusive gift recognizes what brings people together - enhancing membership and participation.  Further, its design can highlight the affinity your donors have with the organization in the first place.

In a previous blog post, we explored the benefits of custom designed and produced donor gifts to enhance your museums’ (or any) fundraising effort. The benefits are clear – “In any cherished museum sits the very supporting structure that allows the museum to stand: its donors”. (Swiss Silk Company blog)

Donors keep a museum vibrant and relevant, while keeping its doors open. Isn’t it smarter to show appreciation in a way that is relevant to a donor and celebrates their connection to the organization?

An interesting discovery on this very subject —

“One experiment conducted as part of the study described the thank-you gifts not as rewards, but as a means to furthering the charity’s goals…” (Forbes online)

How does this work? It works by the gift itself raising awareness for the cause, and allowing the gift itself to become a means of helping the organization.

The right way to reward a donor —

What are the benefits of a custom silk scarf or necktie? It is wearable and it’s personal! It's exclusive to the organization and, when beautifully crafted, can begin a conversation about the organization. The custom gift also demonstrates an exclusive group of donors doing good for their cities, communities and institutions. And it needn’t stop there. It can be a special recognition for various giving levels. A gift that sends a social signal about the donor has a positive effect. Donors can be identified as enthusiastic supporters who celebrate your organization and want to be part of the experience at any level. “Major donors get special recognition, of course, but even modest donors are awarded …”. (Forbes online)

Donor gifts accomplish most when they are thoughtful, creative, and beautiful. Swiss Silk Company works with museums to create designs that represent and reflect their donors’ choice and good taste in support of annual funding, an important capital campaign, or a special exhibit. That message is inherent in the design and production quality, and is a wonderful way to say… Thank you.

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